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why I decided to run for Kansas House District 39

A friend recently shared the quote, you can choose courage or you can choose comfort…I’m 43. I’m a husband. A father. A small business owner.  I’m busy.  We’re raising our three daughters, and both Stephanie and I work demanding careers. We’re just like most of you. There are not enough hours in the day, but somehow we seem to squeeze every last ounce out of each of them.

Running for state office was never something I thought I would do. But, I can’t sit by when so much of what I see in Topeka disappoints me and concerns me to my core.  So, I’m choosing courage and growing out of my comfort zone. I think it is so important that we send more leaders to Topeka who are currently raising their young and growing families. I want representatives who are going through what most of us are going through. I want my representatives in Topeka to have run a business, know what it means to have the responsibility of a mortgage, a car payment, and student loan payments. I want representatives who will do everything they can to ensure that everyone has access to great schools, affordable healthcare, and the best jobs from thriving employers that are eager to meet and adapt to the challenges of the 21st century. I think Western Shawnee, Johnson County, and Kansas are great places to raise a family.  I want to continue to build on our successes and be a part of a Kansas we will all be proud to call home.

Kevin Makalous and family outside Johnson County Election Office
Kevin Makalous and family

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