Public Education

Our schools are the heartbeat of Western Shawnee (and the entire state as well).  I want to continue working to ensure our schools are properly funded and continue to be governed at the local school board level, not by legislators in Topeka. I believe that the foundation of our public schools are the amazing teachers that serve students throughout our state. 

Local Control

Trusting and empowering our local leaders at the city and county levels with control over their economic decisions. We must give them tools to compete on a national scale in attracting the employers of the 21st century to choose Shawnee and Johnson County.

Fiscal Responsibility

An ongoing focus on the financial stability of the state. I believe that strong finances at the state level lead to strong communities at the local level. I will support adequate funding for our schools and transportation infrastructure. 


Recognizing that transportation is critical to the success of business, and for each of us to live our best lives it’s critical that we return KDOT to a place of financial strength. I believe we should never have taken money from the transportation fund to support the Brownback tax experiment, and I’ll work hard to restore and protect funding for our roads and bridges. 

Promoting Kansas and Shawnee

As a great place to live, work, and grow. Understanding that what makes Johnson County a consistently ranked, top 10 location to raise a family is why most all of us are choosing to live here. If we focus on growing the economy in Shawnee, in Johnson County, and in Kansas, I believe we will have good paying jobs, access to top-rated medical care, and we can raise our children in a safe place where they can learn to pursue their God-given dreams and talents. 

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